How to Store Your Items Properly During the Winter Months?

How to Store Your Items During Winter?

Storage units in Forney, TX, have to be prepared for unpredictable weather. An average winter’s day in this area of the state is cold, wet and windy with a temperature low around 36 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What does that mean for the delicate items you’ve left in self-storage?

If you’ve prepped things well, all the items you place in Forney self-storage will be safe and sound. Keep these tips in mind. 


Remove all batteries from electronic devices to prevent acid leaks. Don’t use bubble wrap to pack your electronics as it can hold in damaging moisture. Store electronics instead in the original packaging if available. Otherwise, use packing paper and desiccators —the small, white “do not eat” packets commonly found in electronic packaging — to keep moisture out. 

Books and Paper Documents

Keep books and fragile paper documents safe through the winter season by placing clean, dust-free books inside plastic storage bags and individually standing them in boxes. Do not stack books to prevent damage and imprinting. Place book boxes on a shelf or table to keep them off of the floor where moisture can gather. 

Non-Perishable Food Items

If you’re planning on storing food items in Forney storage, be sure the food is non-perishable. Sealed canned goods can be stacked in a unit outside of a box. Other items like rice, flour, and sugar should be sealed in airtight storage containers.