How best storage unit organization ideas works?

Storage Unit Organization Ideas

Walking into a cluttered and chaotic storage space is stressful and frustrating. Many who choose to place their belongings in storage forget that one day, they might need something from their storage unit. If your storage unit isn’t organized, it’s difficult to locate things you need. Use these storage unit organization ideas to make locating and storing your items a stress-free experience.

Place Large Items at the back of the Unit:

Are you storing furniture or large household appliances? Move these into your storage unit first and place them at the back. When you get your largest items out of the way, you’ll have a better idea of how to organize boxed items, clothes, and smaller belongings in the remaining storage space.

Pack your items in similar-sized boxes:

Packing your items in similar-sized boxes makes stacking and shelving boxes easier. If boxes are the same size, they stack easily, meaning you can use your storage unit space more efficiently.

Label everything

Wondering what’s in that mystery box? Stop playing the guessing game by labeling your boxes. Take the time to be as specific as possible. Assign a category to your box, such as ‘Kitchen,’ then describe the contents of that box, such as ‘Dishes and Silverware’ or ‘Pots and Pans.’ This makes those items easy to locate, keeping you from opening, repacking and re-sealing box after box.

Leave a Path

Make it easy to reach your belongings by creating a path down the middle of your storage unit. Instead of moving items into your storage unit and filling it completely from back to front, move large items to the back of the unit, then stack and arrange boxes and other smaller items against the walls. This improves the visibility of your items, making it easier for you to find what you need when you need it.

Make Necessities Accessible

If there are things you know you’ll need sooner rather than later, prioritize their placement. Instead of placing these things at the bottom of a stack of boxes or burying them behind other belongings, plan to leave them at the very front of your storage unit, and easy to see. While this takes some planning, it’s worth it to not have to unpack your entire storage unit in order to find that one thing you need.

Create an Inventory List

Do you know exactly what’s in your storage unit? A digital storage unit inventory list helps you stay organized and certain of where all your belongings are. Digital inventory lists can also function as security measures. When you check on your stored items, your list will help you make sure nothing has been tampered with or stolen. These lists can also be helpful when filing insurance claims on damaged or stolen items.

Some of these storage unit organization tips require thought, time and effort. In the long term, an organized storage unit makes it easier for you to find specific belongings and ensure all your items are safe.