Storage Unit Moving Checklist: Self Storage Planning

When packing, moving and storing your items and boxes in a storage unit in Forney, Texas, you need to make sure that you set yourself up for success throughout the entire process. From packing to moving, and from moving to packing and back, make sure that you double check your process with our expert moving checklist.

Packing Checklist


Make sure that you have plenty of boxes to keep all of your stuff in. Once you move those boxes into the storage unit, you won’t want a bunch of loose things here, there and everywhere, so make sure that everything that should be enclosed in a packaged box is in one.

Also, pack similar items from the same room together and label the boxes they are stored in to help prevent confusion when unpacking or when looking through the storage unit to get a particular item down the road. Another helpful tip is to try and make each box a similar weight that is manageable for most individuals that will be involved in helping with the move.

Fragile Item Precautions

Some items that you are packing and send to your Forney Storage unit may be fragile or take extra care. If you are packing fragile items like bowls, cups and plates, make sure to wrap them individually, and look for ways to provide extra cushion should these pieces shift in transit.

Wrapping them in bubble wrap is a great idea. Also, in order to preserve the spines on books that may be boxed up or going into storage, stack them flat so as to preserve the spine and keep those books lasting even longer. Have a box that is only half-filled? Load the rest of that box with packing peanuts in order to avoid too much shifting and movement inside the box.

In-Transit Checklist

Largest in Back

When moving heavier items, make sure that you pack these items in the back of the moving truck. Sofas, appliances, dressers, chairs, tables and other large items are extremely heavy and having them further back in the truck will prevent them from sliding around and damaging other things in the moving truck.

Find a Puzzlemaster

When getting your group of helpful movers together, assign one person to be in the truck managing and stacking where certain items will be going. By having one single person with the vision of what the packed truck should look like, you will find that the packing goes smoother, has less hiccups and ends up getting packed neater than if you had multiple people walking up and dropping the box or item they are carrying wherever they see space.

Plug It with Pillows

As you are packing up the truck, you will notice that natural holes will start to form in the wall of packed items. By filling these holes with pillows and blankets, you will do two things: One, you will get those pillows and blankets packed without having to stick them in another box or fill up more space somewhere else on the truck, and two, filling those areas will prevent additional shifting and movement that can occur in-transit from your home or apartment to the storage unit.

Storage Unit Checklist

Protect What Is Yours

When you get to the unit lay down tarps, cardboard mats or wooden pallets to protect your items from flooding or leaks from other units, pests and rodents and other nuisances. Also make sure to bring industrial plastic wrap to wrap larger pieces to protect them.

Wrapping dressers, mirrors and other valuable items will protect them from dust and other damage that time may inflict on them. Wrapping appliances in plastic wrap will keep bugs and pests out of them, making them easy to transition into their new home. If you have particularly valuable items, store them further back in the unit as well.

Make Your Unit Work for You, Not Against You

In order to make your unit more manageable, remember to store boxes that won’t be frequently accessed in the very back of the unit and pack boxes that will be accessed frequently in the front of the unit. In addition to packing boxes in this way, create an aisle in the middle of the unit to allow easy access throughout the entirety of the unit. Also, make sure to store a small step ladder in your unit to reach higher up places and store and move boxes that are stacked to the unit ceiling.