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Self-Storage Was Made for Businesses Use

Self Storage For Businesses Use

Businesses can benefit greatly from having self-storage units, especially those with small office spaces. No matter what company you run, having a business self-storage unit can declutter a workspace easily. Here are 3 ways storage units benefit businesses  al

Significantly More Space

The #1 reason for a self-storage is obviously having extra space. If your offices are crowded with materials you don’t need on a daily basis, why not put those items in a safe, climate-controlled self-storage unit until you need them? Forney Storage offers a variety of sizes so you don’t pay for more or less space than you actually need to store these items. Plus, we’re a secure facility with security cameras running 24/7, so your company’s possessions will be secured until they are needed. 

An Organizational Haven

Don’t just unclutter your office space, organize it. Business storage gives you the opportunity for organizing papers, electronics and whatever your company sells so that it is easy to find when you need it. We recommend packing in small to medium boxes for easier moving and be sure to put similar content together and make sure that the boxes are labeled so they are easier to find. Another pro-tip: shelving makes the organization way easier and can ultimately give you more space.

Meeting Place Outside the Office

Take full advantage of your storage unit with your storage facility’s business center. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get out of the office and enjoy a meeting somewhere other than work. Keep in mind that not all storage facilities offer this perk (but we do). Forney Storage provides a business center for all of your productivity needs! 

Self-storage was made for businesses. Declutter your office space, organize content so that it’s easy to find and use, and find out what other services might be of use to your business with Forney Self-Storage.