How to efficiently pack a self-storage unit

Forney Storage provides the best storage units in Forney, Texas. But just because we provide the best storage spaces around, doesn’t mean that there aren’t some tips and tricks that you can use to get the most out of the storage unit.

Take Extra Steps to Preserve Your Items

Even though Forney Storage is secure and keep unwanted visitors out of your unit is made easy, there is always a chance that little creepy crawlers could find their way into your unit and get into your items. Wrapping your stored items in industrial plastic wrap will keep insects out and also keep them from collecting dust within the unit.

When storing more fragile items such as mirrors, dishes, glasses, etc., make sure wrap these items in protective bubble wrap to prevent damage in the process from packing to moving, and from moving to storage. Bubble wrapping chair legs is also a great idea to prevent dings and nicks during the moving process to and from the storage unit.

Do not store perishable items like food, as these items can attract rodents and insects, which can lead these pests to nest in your other items. Flammable items like paint and other chemicals should never be stored. When storing items like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, lawn edgers and other similar equipment, drain all corrosive fluids before storing to prevent damage to the items and other items in the unit.

Storage Unit Organization

Making sure that your storage unit is well organized can help you save space within the unit. This can help you to utilize your space well and also help you fit more within the unit and get the most out of your storage space.

Store larger items in the back of your unit while leaving items that need to be frequently accessed in the front. In order to better access items in the back of the storage unit, try creating an aisle down the middle of the unit. This will help you to more easily reach these items without having to pull out item after item to get into the back of the unit.

When storing large pieces of furniture, try to strategically place these items in the corners of the unit. Also try to store large items a way where they take up more vertical space and less horizontal space, i.e. storing sofas on their side. To save room with chairs, when possible, stack chairs on top of each other.

Get Creative With Your Storage Space

When you eventually run out of room in your unit, you may be able to find additional space inside of other items in your unit as you get more creative.

  • Look inside drawers in furniture like armoires, dressers and use the empty space there to storage fragile items or items that you would prefer not be out and about in the unit. Of course, this is also a great space to store clothing.
  • After moving dressers or wardrobes, fill drawers with clothes instead of filling up additional space with boxes of clothes.
  • If your storage unit is housing a washer or dryer, inside those appliances is a fantastic space to store blankets, towels, clothes or other items. Just make sure you pull them out before moving the appliance!
  • If storing a bookshelf in the unit, stack books on the bookshelf itself rather than taking up additional room with boxes of books (but stack these books flat to protect the spines).