What not to put in storage unit, and why? Extra Space Storage

Perishable Foods and Other Items | Save Extra Space Storage

When people are looking to store items from their homes, one frequent thing that is stored is perishable food items. Perishable items like meats, produce, cereals, boxed meals, rice, beans, pet foods and other similar items can attract insects, rodents and other pests.

These insects and pests can not only damage the storage unit and make it less hospitable for future tenants, but it can also lead to damage to items within the storage unit. Insects attracted by these products may find their way into other items like the inside of refrigerators, ovens, washer and dryers or other appliances and end up damaging them.

Explosives and Other Combustible Items

Storing fireworks, explosives, flammable items or other similar materials inside of your unit is extremely dangerous and should never be attempted. While Forney Storage does have climate control to help regulate temperature throughout the storage facility, flammable or combustible items inside of the unit can be very hazardous.

Corrosive substances like gasoline and other materials are commonly found in a number of items that are often placed into storage units. Lawn mowers, lawn edgers, leaf blowers and other items that run on gasoline should be drained as the liquids inside of the equipment could not only damage the items themselves, but damage and stain parts of the units should leaking occur.

Tires and Vehicles

Tires and vehicles are okay to put in your storage unit, but you need to be careful. Because tires and vehicles can be very hard to dispose of, many storage unit facilities do not allow them to be stored in their units. Forney, however, does allow four tires and one vehicle in units large enough to allow a vehicle.

Medical Equipment and Other Pharmaceuticals

If you work in pharmaceuticals, you may think that a self-storage unit is a pretty good place to store and manage medical supplies and pharmaceutical samples. It is true that leasing a Forney Storage unit is a useful way to keep your products organized and accessible leaving your office and car in shambles.

However, while most medical and pharmaceutical supplies are okay to put into a storage unit, radioactive equipment or materials cannot legally be stored within your storage unit. Remember, that also includes all equipment that contains radioactive materials as well!

Prohibited Items

Keeping illegal or prohibited items in your lockers such as illegal weapons, drugs or other items is against the law and will result in legal action if found. That’s true anywhere.


While Forney Extra Space Storage has very spacious storage units, you should never feel so at home in your storage unit that you make it your home. Times can be tough and money can be tight, but you should never make an attempt to live in your storage unit. This could land you in some serious legal jeopardy.