Winter Car Storage Checklist Tips for Winter Storage

If you’re like most, your car is a part of the family. As a part of the family, you want to ensure your vehicle stays in pristine shape over the years. Whether it’s keeping the seats stain-free from the kids, or regular car maintenance, there are countless ways to ensure an immaculate car.   

Self-storage in Forney, TX is another excellent solution that can help extend the life and condition of your car. However, there’s more to storing a car than you would think.

Keeping Storage Checklist Up-To-Date

Yes, even when you aren’t driving your summer convertible, an important tip to keep in mind is always to have valid paperwork. By paperwork, we mean keeping the vehicle registered and maintaining proof of ownership.

Generally, most storage facilities won’t allow you to store a vehicle without provided documentation.

Size Matters

The size of your storage unit matters when it comes to your vehicle’s temporary or permanent home. Forney car Storage conveniently offers a sizing guide that can help you determine which container will provide the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Measure your car before you choose a storage unit, and be sure to leave enough room for things like tow bars and hood ornaments. A useful tip to remember is that most full-size vehicles will only fit into a storage unit that is a minimum of 20 feet in depth but doesn’t neglect the width. You need enough room for side mirrors and other things that may stick out.

Keep it Clean

As a part of the family, your car needs what most people do: to stay clean. You wouldn’t let your child go without a shower for weeks or months on end, would you? The same applies to a car headed for storage.

Before storing your car, clean it. From inside and out, top to bottom, cleaning a vehicle for storage ensures it won’t be at risk for deterioration.

Don’t Forget Under the Hood

The exterior of your vehicle isn’t the only care a stored car needs, the inside is just as important. From fogging oil to spark plugs, our friends at Brake & Front End recommend regular car maintenance.

Consider using a fuel additive, which will ensure your octane fuel level doesn’t change over a long period of time.


One lesser-known tip you may not be aware of is not to use your parking brake while your car is in storage.

Why? If used, the brake pads can fuse to the rotors over time which ultimately can cause a sticky situation, if you know what we mean. Instead, consider using a tire stopper to keep your car in place.

Whether it’s your prized vintage car model or summertime convertible, proper self-storage in Forney, TX is key. Contact our team at Forney Storage today to get the best your car deserves!