Storage and Packing Tips

Storing your Items the Right Way

Items Needed:

  • Boxes – Selecting the Right Size
  • Tape – Having Plenty of It
  • Markers – Black or Colored
  • Plastic Wrap – How To Use It
  • Bubble Wrap – What To Wrap
  • Cedar Chips – Insect Repellant
  • Blankets – For The Furniture
  • Hangers – Go With The Wardrobe Boxes
  • Zip Bags – For The Small Stuff
  • Duct Tape – For The Glass

Preparing to Pack Tips

  • Use a wide black or colored marker to label all boxes on all sides.
  • Use duct tape to place an “X” in the center of mirrors and pictures.  
  • Pack pictures in bubble wrap or “picture pocket” plastic bags.
  • Remove furniture legs when possible and place screws or hardware into the zip bags.
  • Wrap unremoved furniture legs in bubble wrap.
  • Scrub all appliances and place a small piece of tape on the door to prevent a tight close.
  • Disassemble TV from their stands or wall hangers.  Wrap in a thick blanket or bubble wrap and place in TV boxes.
  • Place all stored clothes on hangers in wardrobe boxes and place cedar chips in the bottom.
  • Be sure all linens, bedding, and clothing are washed before storing, and don’t forget to add the cedar chips.  
  • Wash all dishes and use “dish pack” packing boxes.
  • Cover mattresses in plastic by using “mattress bags.”
  • Tape all boxes with strong tape and don’t make boxes too heavy to lift.
  • Break bed frames down to make them smaller items.
  • Pack items within items, like small objects in dresser drawers.

Packing Into The Unit Tips

  • Purchase a cylinder lock for your unit.
  • Don’t stack mattresses on ends or sides or place them over other items that will bend them.
  • Don’t stack appliances or heavy items on appliances since they could damage the appliance.
  • Place larger items in the corners or back of the unit along with those expensive items.
  • If the unit is largest enough, leave an aisle down the center of the unit for easy access.
  • Leave space on all walls for air and at the top for easy removal.
  • Remove drawers from larger furniture during transit and replace them once in the unit.
  • Drain all fuel out of power tools before placing them in storage.