Medium Storage Unit

medium Storage Unit
10x10 Storage Unit

A medium size self storage unit is considered 5 feet to 15-foot storage space. Medium self storage unit has two different sizes of about 5'x15' and 10'x10'. This is very suitable for a moderate family having 1 to 2 rooms, as this medium self storage unit can hold the content of more than one room or up to 2 rooms. This storage space can hold the whole room's content, For example, mattresses, sofas, drawer boxes, bookcases, and desks. Also, for moving up or holding up the content like Dining room sets, multiple boxes, couches and armchairs, this medium sized self storage units are a perfect option. When you are on the way to a trip or a long, derive, then this is the best storage unit option that can make you comfortable. It is the best size for holding big furniture and equipment when working, riding, or traveling.   

What Fits in a 10'x10' storage unit?

How Big Is a 10 'x 10' Storage Unit?

Ten feet wide and 10 feet long are the storage units of 10'x 10 ' equivalent to 100 square feet. As most of the storage units of 10'x 10' have an 8-foot ceiling, you have a total packaging area of 800 cubic feet. 

What Can I Fit in a 10 'x 10' Storage Unit?

Three rooms, including mattresses, sofa, straps, workouts, dining sets, desks, and multiple boxes, may also be carried in the 10' x 10' storage unit. It is the ideal size for storage during travel, a long journey, or even storage for big furniture and appliances.