Packing and Preparing For a Winter Move

Admin | November 22, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

 Winter Packing & Moving into Your Storage Unit

If you’re planning on moving into or out of your storage unit in Forney, TX, during the winter months, you need to be prepared. Texas winters can be unpredictable — cold, wet and windy one day and sunny the next. 

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare to take advantage of Forney self-storage. 

Monitor the Weather

Winter is a good time to move if you’re looking for flexibility and cheaper prices, but it does bring the chance of bad weather. Keep an eye on weather conditions, and work with your moving company to understand its protocols and procedures. Some may offer last-minute moving day changes in case of bad weather. 

Clear Your Storage Unit Path

If snow or ice is present, be sure the drive-up path to your Forney storage unit is clear. Scrape away snow, ice or any debris. Use sand or rock salt to prevent water from freezing. Have towels at the entrance of your unit to clean movers’ feet and keep moisture and mud out of the unit. 

Pack Fragile Items with Care

Breakable items like glassware and dishes can crack or break with temperature fluctuations. Protect these items while in self-storage by double-wrapping them in thick blankets to keep temperatures more constant.