Tips for Packing Boxes in a Storage Unit

Admin | September 28, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Are you planning to move your belongings into a storage unit? Packing into boxes can sometimes be overwhelming. However, Forney storage is here to help. We'll guide you through simple steps and precautions that should be taken when packing boxes into a storage unit


1. Keeping your items organized before adding them into a storage container:

Before putting your goods in a storage box, make a list, and designate each product to its particular box. Label each box and place the stickers on all sides of the box. When making an item list, jot down the approximated replacement value for each item in the box, especially if you wish to insure your goods. If there are breakable items, place a "delicate" sticker on the package.


2. Use no more than two different size boxes for your Self Storage items: 

This way, stacking boxes will be easier and simple to organize. Packages should be strong enough that the bottom box can hold the other boxes stacked on top of it.


3. Keep your goods safe when putting any items in Storage: 

As often as possible, put your items in closed boxes to prevent them from getting dirty and dusty, especially if the items are electronics.


4. Attempt not to waste any extra storage space of your items:  

Fill the whole box; however, not all with heavy products. It would help if you filled the box to avoid it collapsing or toppling. You should avoid filling it up with all heavy items, so it is not difficult for you to carry. When packing your goods, fill the box with the heavy products first and then fill it with lighter items.


5. Prevent utilizing plastic bags in Self Storage: 

Put products in sealed plastic bags may seem like a good idea; however, it can attract mildew.


6. Pack books wisely: 

When loading books, use smaller sized book boxes rather than putting them all in one big box. Store the books flat in boxes rather than standing them upright so that the columns are not damaged.


7. Avoid a watery mess in your storage units

Any refrigerators and freezers must be stored with the door semi-open. Electrical home appliances should be dry, and you should thaw refrigerators and freezers and fully drain washing machines.


8. Pad your breakables while packing them in your self storage unit: 

Pack breakables in bubble wrap or packaging paper, especially mirrors and picture frames with bubble wrap.


9. Storing boxes with clothing: 

When packing expensive clothing like dresses and suits, we suggest using wardrobe boxes to hang the items. Hang the clothing inside to ensure that they retain their form.


10. Use old towels or sheets: 

When wrapping your things, use cloth and not plastic as discussed earlier to ensure that items don't get moldy.


11. Storing tools safely in the storage unit rental: 

When preparing metal tools and any equipment, you should completely drain hoses of any fuel. Lube the tools with oil to prevent rust from developing.


12. Seal boxes with packing tape: 

Sealing all your boxes with packing tape to reduce dust.


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