Your Self Storage Resolutions for the Year 2020-21

Admin | February 4, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Your Storage Resolutions for 2020 

Now that we’ve arrived at the dawn of a new decade, there are all sorts of resolutions swirling about. We’re all guided by the best intentions, but the most successful among us make small, tangible goals that are achievable and improve the practicality of life. When it comes to moving and storing, you can apply the same approach to resolutions. Small shifts make for big changes. 

1. Scout Your Storage Situation in Advance

If this is the year you’re finally moving excess items to a self-storage unit nearby, don’t just leave it to chance—do your homework. Not all self-storage facilities are made equal. You’ll want to compare prices for affordability, scope out nearby locations, check access hours, and read good reviews to get a sense of where your valuables will soon take up residence.

Making room in your home is a great way to refresh your habitat for the new decade, but don’t leave your belongings in the wrong hands. A little extra digging into the right storage facility near you can save countless headaches and bills down the line.  

2. Get a Head Start and Make a Routine

You may be tempted to sort, pack, and store in a single day—and for some, this may be entirely possible. In the spirit of positive New Year’s resolutions, however, consider spreading out the labor and creating a routine that can lower stress and promote better management, minus the burnout.

Try one or two rooms a weekend. Create a box with all the items you need to be stashed in one place: tape, moving blankets, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, a permanent marker, and the like. If you prepare yourself in advance and pencil in an approachable timetable, you won’t get overwhelmed and give up. When it’s time to make the trip to your self-storage unit, you’ll be refreshed, ready to go, with a plan in hand.  

3. Embrace Labels

In the moment, our memories seem reliable. After all, you may have spent an hour or more peering into the same box, packing meticulously, and taking advice from bullets one and two above. Still, don’t rely on your mental prowess alone when it comes to identifying boxes.

In a pinch, you’ll want to know exactly where certain items and boxes are, and which ones should be handled with greater care. That’s where fool-proof labeling can save you time and aggravation. Don’t go digging through boxes you’ve already taped up and stashed in the rear of your self-storage unit. Instead, label and create an easy outline of your storage unit. That way, you and any member of your family can navigate your storage handiwork with little trouble. 

4. Learn to Let Go

Purging items from your home is a popular resolution, no matter the year. Whether you’re carting off those unwanted or unneeded items to charity, the trash, or to storage, making room in your home will make room in your mind.

Clutter can serve as a distraction and overshadow all the things you love about your home. Instead of getting caught up in accumulating, consider paring down this season. If you’re not ready to let go or know you’ll need certain items in the future, a self-storage solution is the best way to make room for all that awaits in 2020.