Forney Offers Public Storage in Texas

Admin | July 18, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Forney offers public storage for customers in Forney, Heartland, Lawson, Talty, and Mesquite, Texas. In the United States, there are thousands of local self storage units with a large percentage that offer indoor and outdoor storage units that sell packaging, and other customer services for those moving or downsizing.  Our public storage in Forney, Texas, is one of the largest self-storage facilities in the state. Forney Public Storage has a lot of room to offer, with over 440 storage units of varying sizes that provide both climate-controlled and drive-up storage units. When you select a storage service, size is not everything, select a storage unit facility with the best prices around in Forney, Texas.


Our Public Storage Services

Forney Storage offers the public every type of selection for your storage unit needs. 

  • More options than any other self-storage company
  • A large range of storage unit sizes and choices
  • Safe storage options that help secure your belongings and assets.


Forney Public Storage Units Rental Cost

Whether you want to store furniture of your home that is being remodeled, or want to store other personal items, the prices for your storage is dependent on the unit size, or if you choose climate controlled Storage units or additional self-storage insurance. 


Forney Public Storage Prices

The price depends on the storage unit you choose and can vary from size and other options. In some states, a 5" x 5' unit in Utah, for instance, can cost $41 but can cost in New York more than $160. Our storage options are competitive in the State of Texas and can be viewed online. 

Storage Type

Non-Climate-controlled Storage

Climate-controlled Storage

Vehicle Storage

Monthly Rental Rate





When looking for a Public Storage near me

In the older days, most searched through the phone book or even had to visit public storage facilities in the past. Today, an online self-storage platform is the easiest way to find cheap public Storage in Forney, Texas. Just enter your city or your zip code in our search bar on our website, and it will display the rate, sizes, and other options, to assist your nearest storage area needs. Our public storage options supply consumers with storage discounts such as free rent, and other promotions we offer monthly.

Our Public Storage Hours

Some storage facilities allow you to access your units 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can access your items as required. This storage facility can come at a higher price than standard storage facilities, but it could be worth it according to your schedule and needs. Please note that there is a variation between the public storage units, your actual access hours, and the access time of the storage office. 



  • What time does Forney’s public storage close?

Forney Storage is available to customers 24 hours a day so that you can access your stuff at any time of the day. 

  • What if you don't pay for the Storage?

If you disregard the statements and do not pay any dues, at any point in time, the storage center will have the right to retain your storage unit material. After all, they are losing income as long as your belongings are inside because they can not rent to anybody else.

  • How to cancel the Storage unit?

It would help if you first offered advance notice to close your Storage unit account. You can do this by contacting us directly at (972) 476-9960.

  • How big are the storage units in Public?

The typical height of a public storage unit appears to be about 8 feet, even though storage unit heights differ in each facility. At selected facilities, 10 feet and higher are open.

  • How much public Storage cost?

Public Storage offers clients storage plans month-to-month and seven storage units of different sizes. For example, it can cost $86 to $300 a month to rent Forney Storage Units.

  • How much does public Storage cost to store a car?

The average storage price per month can be between $50 and $450. Usually costs from $80 and $160 a month and fill a Self Storage space of 10 x 10. At the same time, the cost of storing a car or RV will range from depending on the size and contract length. 

  • Can you go after hours to Forney Storage?

We offer 24 hours gated security access. So yes, you can visit your unit at any time. 

  • What happens if you leave your stuff in a storage unit?

The contents become the property of the facility if the unit is considered abandoned. In general, an auction to pay for unpaid rentals is held open to the public. The facility typically places an ad on the local newspaper that announces the date, time, and location of the auction according to the laws of that state.

  • Can Public Storage affect your credit?

Not paying will head to collections if you don't pay the storage bills. This is reflected in your credit report.

  • Is public storage safe?

Our facility offers extra security.  Our customers will receive a private security code that can access the storage facility. We also have 24/7 security cameras in the storage facility monitoring security of our customer’s assets. 

  • Does furniture get ruined in public Storage?

We always recommend you store your items by packing them securely and with covers that will reduce damage when moving your stuff. 

  • Can I sleep in a storage unit?

Your rental contract sets out what your storage facility can and can't do, including prohibited things such as no sleeping or living in your storage units. 

  • Do storage facilities offer insurance?

Indeed, there are insurance services available. Remember that your policy is not mandatory; it is just for your extra peace of mind. 

  • Do storage units have lights?
    Our storage facility offers exterior lighting to illuminate the corridors. Often outdoor facilities have some lighting around but not inside the units.