Find Affordable Business Storage during COVID-19

Admin | October 28, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

When COVID-19 hit, many businesses had to completely revamp the way they do business. One of those changes involved storing all their extra items to make room for increased social distancing and occupancy requirements. If you have a business in the Forney, Heartland, Lawson, Talty, or Mesquite, Texas areas, look no further than Forney Storage to solve your new COVID-19 needs. Forney Storage offers affordable self storage with excellent storage space and state-of-the-art storage units. Stop looking for cheap storage units and come utilize our climate-controlled units that keep your equipment and goods in the best possible condition for when the COVID-19 era recedes. Don’t let your property become damaged from cheaply run and poorly maintained storage solutions. Northeast Texas has a humid subtropical climate that has record highs over 110 degrees, and it lies in the lower portion of tornado alley, subjecting it to extreme weather.

We offer a special discount to help with COVID-19 

Many companies have had to move into different spaces or even totally closed their doors for a period of time. It is important to make sure that you keep your inventory protected while your company lays dormant. The best way to give your company a chance to survive is to find affordable storage that will help you weather the storm. Conveniently located off I-80 and East Broad Street, you will have easy access to your vital equipment whenever it best suits you. Forney storage is now offering half-off on your first two months to help you with your COVID-19 transition. 

We have small, medium, large, and extra large storage options to make the best use of your space requirements and the volume of material you need to store. Our website has a convenient size guide that helps you in your decision-making process. Heartland, TX is only halfway through its community development program and they expect over 8,000 homes to be part of the community. Forney Storage is the perfect business for all the storage needs of this budding community. Only 25 miles from downtown Dallas, Heartland offers an escape from the city while remaining close enough for people to earn a wonderful living. Lawson, a community within Mesquite, TX is another wonderful town that is a perfect fit for Forney Storage clients. There are three institutions of higher learning, which drive the need for storage as students navigate the transition process in and out of semesters.

Forney Storage Offers More Than Just Storage Space

No matter what your storage needs are, Forney Storage has the best storage space and storage units in the industry. Don’t let the new COVID-19 restrictions strangle your business. You can re-tool your processes and use our affordable storage to help weather the storm or to help you innovate. You can store equipment, furniture, product, or administrative files easily in our self storage. The gate is open from 6 AM all the way until midnight for your convenience, but the facility is monitored 24 hours a day to ensure your property is protected. Couple that with the convenience of online billing, Forney Storage makes the process of storing your materials simple, convenient, and worry-free.